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Untappd Insiders is an upgraded version of the free Untappd app, available for both iOS and Android. Join today to get exclusive badges, better statistics, access to Untappd’s secret merch store, and more! You can even give the gift of Untappd Insiders to a friend!

Key Insider Benefits

More Detailed Ratings

More Detailed Ratings

Is that beer you’re drinking not quite a 5? Get more granular with your beer ratings! As an Untappd Insider, you can start rating your beers on a 0.1 rating scale. Because sometimes, you need a little more wiggle room to rate effectively.

Unlock Exclusive Badges

Exclusive Badges

Trying to collect them all? Make all of your friends jealous when you unlock an annual, special edition badge only available to Untappd Insiders! And, hey, we may even release some super-secret badges just for our Insiders.

Access to the Secret Store

Access to the Secret Store

Deep inside the hidden forests of Beerland is a special tree that holds a wooden door. And behind this door? The Untappd Secret Store, filled with exclusive goodies and early purchasing access for Insiders only. (US & Canada shipping only)

Additional Perks

Insider Flair on your Profile

Insider Flair on Your Profile

Show your support for the world’s most popular beer app with this Insider-exclusive flair that puts a shiny frame around your user profile. Wear it with pride as you check-in!

Export Your Data

Export Your Untappd Data

Are you a data junkie? Freely export your check-in history or any of your lists to a downloadable file so you can use it any way you want. Go ahead: geek out to all of your beer-drinking habits.

Check-in Anywhere, Anytime

Check-in Anywhere, Anytime

Forget to check-in your beer from the night before? Didn’t have Wifi or cell service while traveling? Now you can check-in with any previous date or location, so you’ll never miss out on another check-in again.

Access to Year-Round Stats

Access to Year-Round Stats

Love seeing all of your stats from Year In Beer™? As an Insider, you can see those stats all year long. With access to our in-depth analytics, you can easily see activity trends, data about your favorite locations, your top beer styles, and much more.

Untappd Festival in San Diego

Early Access to Fest Tickets

Never miss out on festival tickets again! With early access to the Untappd festival ticket page, you’ll never have to worry about snagging those coveted VIP passes.

Exclusive Perks

Exclusive Perks

Every year, subscribers to the annual plan  will receive an Untappd branded item! For 2022, we’re releasing a collectible rubber magnet designed by Dean McKeever, artist for Tree House Brewing. (US, Canada, and Europe Annual Subscribers only)


In addition to many of the features above, you’ll also get access to:

  • A limited ad experience
  • Tag up to 25 people in your check-ins (versus only 10)
  • Provide input on which features we should develop in the future
  • And more!

Purchase for yourself or gift to a friend!


$ 5
Per Month
  • Includes all of the benefits above except the Yearly Gift


$ 54
Per Year
  • Includes all of the benefits above
Save 20%

Frequently Asked Questions

Look out for communications on this coming soon! Any Insider with an annual subscription will be able to place their order for a free magnet starting 1/1/22.

Coming in 2022! Just check in any beer after 1/1/22 to get your badge. 

In November 2021, we changed the name of our Untappd Supporters Program to Untappd Insiders. Untappd Insiders get all the same benefits as they did when they were Supporters: early access to festival tickets, flare on their profile pic, more detailed ratings, year-round access to personal stats, and more. They also get some new perks like a secret Untappd Insiders-only merchandise store!

No, anyone who is already a Supporter will renew at the current price ($4.99/mon or $49.99/annually). Anyone who newly enrolls in the program by November 30, 2021, will also be charged $4.99/mon or $49.99/annually. New enrollments, after Dec 1 2021, will be at the new price of price of $5.99/month or $54.99/annually. However, to receive the annual collectible magnet you must be an annual subscriber. 

Yes, however, to receive the annual collectible magnet you must be an annual subscriber. 

Yes, however, to receive the annual collectible magnet you must be an annual subscriber. 

Anyone who was previously signed up, and anyone who signs up in 2022 will earn our exclusive Insiders badge.

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